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Our coffee embodies the exceptional quality of certified organic produce. Renowned for its distinctive fruity flavor profile, our Arabica coffee offers a uniquely smooth taste.



In eighteenth-century England there were 10,000 sex-workers playing their trade on the streets of London. Binge drinking and gambling were widespread. The UK had descended into decadence and immorality. Yet, the nation changed. One turning point came on 24th May 1738 when a Church of England cleric named John Wesley went to a prayer meeting in Aldersgate Street, in his own words, “very unwillingly.”

A Flavorful Way to Make an Impact


We at Strangely Warmed Coffee Roasters are excited to partner with you in your fundraising event to provide you with a product you can proudly sell to your friends and family at a great price.

From whole bean, ground, or K-Cups, we've got something for every coffee drinker on the list. We even offer custom label designs for your school, business, or church.

Five Stars for Exceptional Coffee!

Our happy customers

  • Wow! This local roastery has the BEST fresh roasted coffee I have ever had the pleasure to drink! It's Peruvian coffee and is grown at a higher altitude than a lot of other well known coffees. Less acid and its the smoothest taste. You have to try this. They sell the roasted beans, ground and the popular K-cups, all fresh and roasted daily, in dark or medium roast. 5 stars and two thumbs up!

  • What fantastic coffee! The cold brew is the best. It's imported. It's amazing. 5 stars. Go try it!

  • Had a wonderful time here; delicious coffee with a conscience.