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Strangely Warmed Coffee Company is a small batch coffee roaster in Central Florida that is serious about great coffee. Our motto is :

Tastes Good - utilizing only the finest premium specialty, certified organic, Arabica beans from the highlands of Peru. Arabica coffee is known for its fruity flavor notes, with no acidic taste.

Feels Good - Fair-trade means coffee farmers are paid a fair price for their crop, and no forced or child labor is used. We see real value in purchasing a responsibly sourced and produced coffee over one that is blatanly exploitative. It's just the right thing to do.

Does Good - Strangely Warmed Coffee Company helps with support for Champion for Children, First Sebring Church Weekly Community Breakfast Outreach, and Peruvian missions.

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Our coffee is the perfect addition to any weekend get away! Don't catch yourself drinking gas station coffee on your next trip.
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12 oz Dark Roast ~ Ground
12 oz Dark Roast ~ Ground
12 oz Dark Roast ~ Ground
12 oz Dark Roast ~ Ground
12 oz Dark Roast ~ Ground
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This is the original Strangely Warmed coffee, our very first profile. The roast is on the darker side to bring out the natural dark chocolate and brown sugar flavor notes of these Peruvian single-source Arabica beans, which are both Certified Organic and Fair Trade. Grown at high altitudes, and known for its low acidic taste, our coffee is rated an 84-cupping score on the Specialty Coffee Association of America scale of 80 to 100, qualifying as a Specialty Coffee. 



Strangely Warmed Coffee

The Roastery, 161 South Commerce Avenue Suite B (Entrance on Mango Street) Sebring Fl 33870

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